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How to Play NOLF2 Multi-Player

This video explains how to setup your NOLF 2 game to play multi-player

No One Lives Forever

Single Player help:

 Nolf 1 Walkthrough

Get to the War Room

When the game begins, you find yourself in Unity’s main hall. Save your game and move forward. Go through the door to the left, and you’ll see a sign pointing towards the Briefing Room.
(Check out the sleeping scientist as you walk by). From there just straight ahead and there you are.

When you meet with your superiors, you get chastized for being late,then get the chance to either be flippant or polite. Choose your response. Remember, you always pay your dues.
I’d advise Being nice. For this you get an Intelligence Item #1. Now just watch the show.
Now listen to Greyhair insult you some more, then choose your response. Stay good to get Intelligence Item #2.Then head out to the Toy Shop

Basic Training
Leave the Briefing Room, and then turn left. Follow the signs to the elevator and go on down. 
Go talk to the Big Burly Guys (BBG’s), who “advise” you to go through the training course. You can skip it if you like.
For those who need help getting through it, here’s what to do. Go straight ahead to the Basic Field Tactics. Go through the door, then
follow the instructions to get through Door 1. Now you know how-to use the targeting box. “Activate Leon” – isn’t that fun. 
Watch the Glasses Boys, and then take off to Advance Tactics Training. Go back to the elevator, and then turn right. The next door on the left is
The Advanced Training Tactics area. Again, just follow the instructions. Grab the armor and ammo, and then in the next room get all the intelligence items #3-#10. Then go through to learn how to arm/disarm explosives. When you go through, go through the door to the right, and make sure you pick up Intelligence Item #11
(the UNITY plans). In the next area learn to sneak. Basically, walk and crouch. Sneak past the first guy, and then sneak past the second by
staying on the carpet. The third guy isn’t too hard either – just take quick “peeks”(there’s no leaning in the game, so just strafe past a
corner and dart back). Wait until his back is turned to get by. When you go to leave the Sneaking area, check the tables – there’s an
Intelligence Item #12(the envelope) that needs to be grabbed. In the next sequence, use your flashlight to get through the dark (just hit L).
Go get through, go past the yellow light and turn left. Then turn right and follow the hallway. Don’t shine your flashlight on the scientist,
or you’ll have to start over. Keep going forward and left of the scientists to get out. The next task is to get to Firing Range.
(Listen to the scientists talk before going in – loads of fun.) Get inside, grab some guns, and blow stuff up. Pick your weapon – the
Air weight Revolver can’t be silenced. After you hit the button just hit the four targets as they pop up. Petri .38 Air weight Revolver – can’t take a silencer, but works well. Shepherd Arms P38 9mm – It can take the silencer, something that will come in handy. Hampton Carbine – A truly “silent” gun. Not as lethal as a rifle, but it hits hard without a noise.
Once you’re done just select “none” and go through the Exit. You’re now in another firing range (check the walls for Intelligence Item #13 and #14 in both firing rooms). Here’s a nice thing you learn – don’t kill innocents – if you do, the mission is over. And its over if three or more innocents are killed in the mission. So you can’t just run around like a psychopath. (Yes, I know how much that hurts some of you.) After getting through the sniper area (if you’ve got a wheel mouse, it makes this very easy), make sure your weapon is holstered before seeing the White Coat.
Last place to go – Santa’s Workshop. Go through and to the left. Otherwise known as Gadget Lab. Go into Cage 1 and pick the locks with the barrette, and make sure you grab Intelligence Items #15 and #16 on the table and the wall. Activate Option 2 (Hit the Option 2 key, then” Fire” to activate the second option). Once you’ve gone through, just head to the Exit. Time to put those skills to work.

This should get you started on your way. If you get stuck and need additional help visit the forum. 

No One Lives Forever 2: A spy in H.A.R.M.s way

No One Lives Forever 2:                        *

*                           A Spy in H.A.R.M.’s Way                        *

*                                                                          *

*                       A Single-Player FAQ/Walkthrough                    *

*                                                                          *

*                             By: Halon50 (Tex Gotanda) 


|+                         Walkthrough – Chapter 1                        +|




|             Chapter 1: Cate Archer Must Die!          |

|                        The director                   |



———–< Summary >——————————————————


This is a cinematic scene (cutscene).  You are introduced to several main 

characters in this sequence, namely The Director of H.A.R.M., his Evil 

Mother, and Isako.


———–< Extras >——————————————————-


Check out the choreographed movements of the characters; realistic body 

movements (as seen in the first NOLF) are now coupled with independent eye 

vectors _and_ a highly improved facial expression routine.  Except for a 

seemingly low incidence of blinking, and a slightly plastic look to their 

faces, these characters move, talk, and act like real human beings!

What’s with the leather leggings on Isako and her band?


|             Chapter 1: Cate Archer Must Die!          |

|                        Call it a hunch                |


7:01 pm, Inatokimura


———–< Summary >——————————————————


This level is a straight shot pretty much, designed to teach you how the 

game system works, and letting you get accustomed to the controls.  Just 

walk straight through, taking out any ninja guards you encounter with the 

crossbow.  Pay attention to the tips Santa gives you as you proceed.  There 

is a single ninja alarm towards the end of the level in town; if you or a 

ninja hits the alarm, 2 additional guards will appear.

< From the loading screen >

UNITY has sent Cate Archer to Japan to investigate a rumored international 

crime convention expected to take place in the pastoral village of 

Inotakimura.  Her objective is to photograph the meeting’s participants 

without arousing their suspicion.

Her first task will be to locate agent Isamu Hatori, who will provide 

further information on her assignment.  He’s waiting somewhere in the 


Total skill points available: 960


———–< Objectives >—————————————————


  Rendezvous with Hatori-san


  You won’t find Hatori-san until the next stage.

  Recover six pages of the UNITY field manual (optional)              300 SP


  The pages are located as follows:

    1) 2nd pole on left beneath roof near the car where you start

    2) On tree before bridge near waterfall

    3) Center of bridge on left railing

    4) On wall by first hiding place in village

    5) On pillar by vending machines

    6) On wall to the right of the level exit


———–< Items >——————————————————–


Starting area


Spy Training Manual                                                   200 SP

    On hood of car near Yamata-san

Briefcase on ground                                                    20 SP

    Between car and railing

Note on pole (2 pages, page 1 of UNITY field manual)                   40 SP

    2nd pole on left beneath roof

< Santa > (Mynah bird, 3 conversation options)                         60 SP

    On railing past roof

Bridge area


Note on tree (Page 2 of UNITY field manual)                            20 SP

    On tree before bridge

< Package >                                                   3 coins, 20 SP

    On road in front of bridge

Note on bridge (Page 3 of UNITY field manual)                          20 SP

    Center of bridge on left railing

Village gate


< Santa >                                                              20 SP

    On bluff before gate

Note on ninja guard                                                    20 SP

    On body of guard (kill or stun her first)

Note on outer gate                                                     20 SP

    On pole to right of gate

** Infiltrating village **                                            100 SP

    Enter village for the first time

Village area


< Package >                                          3 bolts, 3 poison bolts

    Behind first building on left side

< Santa >                                                              40 SP

    On wall near wind chimes

Note on wall (Page 4 of UNITY field manual)                            20 SP

    On left side of road at first hiding place

    before corner

< Santa >                                                              20 SP

    On wall near corner in town

Note on pillar (Page 5 of UNITY field manual)                          20 SP

    Next to vending machines

< Armor >                                                   Heavy body armor

    Left of vending machines

< Health >                                                          Bandages

    By bicycle near locked gate at end of road

Note on wall (Page 6 of UNITY field manual)                            20 SP

    On wall to right of level exit

** Recover all six pages of UNITY field manual **                     300 SP


                           Total skill points available this level:   960 SP

                                                  Cumulative total:   960 SP


———–< Extras >——————————————————-


Shooting Santa (the bird) with crossbow bolts or ninja stars, or hitting it 

with a katana, results in a series of interesting responses (4 total).

Listen to the ninja guard conversation for a rather … unique approach to 

dating.  By the way, the same voice actress for Cate Archer (Jen Taylor) 

also does the voices for Isako and some of the ninja guards.  In case some 

of the ninja guards sound eerily familiar, Jen Taylor also did the voices of 

Princess Peach Toadstool and Toad in some recent Mario/Luigi games.

Does the license plate on the car (OG 29030) mean anything?

<< Update 0.45 >>

AMD makes a 29030 RISC processor, but I don’t think it’s related.

In the demo, there were lightning-like flashes in the sky behind some hills 

if you turned away from the bridge near the waterfall.  They are not in the 

retail game.  Did these mean anything?

The reflective quality of the water is really nice, although the distortions 

aren’t applied quite right.  The wave effects of the reflections make it 

look like a small pool of water or a fountain, rather than a constant stream 

of water flowing downstream.


|             Chapter 1: Cate Archer Must Die!          |

|                        I have bad news                |



———–< Summary >——————————————————


This level is circular in design.  There may be a bug where the note in the 

entrance alley cannot be decoded after you decode some of the other notes on 

the stage.

Note that there are two sets of vending machines.  The single vending 

machine is near Hatori-san’s shop (the building with the sign of a crane 

hanging outside), while there is a set of two vending machines in the 

northwest corner of town.

Total skill points available:   1860

Total accumulated skill points: 2820


———–< Objectives >—————————————————


  Rendezvous with Hatori-san                                          400 SP


  You’ll need to decode 4 notes that are posted around this part of town

  (see the first note to the left of where you start).  First, find the

  decoder near one of the vending machine locations described above.  You

  can then decode the notes at the following locations:

    1) On south wall next to red sign near where you entered

    2) On west wall near round paper lantern before red postbox on north

       side of town

    3) On door north of geisha sign near red paper lantern by the single

       vending machine

    4) Next to recessed door in side alley south of Hatori-san’s shop

  Now follow the instructions in these notes (hit the ‘i’ key to go through

  them again) to meet Hatori-san.

  Discover the new location for the meeting                           400 SP


  Once you meet with Hatori-san, you’ll receive this new objective, and

  some new ninja guards will appear around town.  There are two ways to

  obtain this objective; I suggest doing both for the skill points and


    1) Go around east (the long way) to the east side of the ninja dojo, hop

       into the trench, and crawl under the dojo itself.  You should

       overhear a conversation that will fulfill this objective.

    2) Kill all the ninja guards around the dojo, then decode the note

       posted on the pillar just outside the dojo.

  Report back to Hatori-san


  Now return to Hatori-san to end the chapter.

  Recover all four pages of the UNITY field manual (optional)         300 SP


  The four pages are located as follows:

    1) On door to left/south past red postbox on north side of town

    2) On back of tree to north of trench near ninja dojo

    3) On door in alcove in back (south) of ninja dojo

    4) In covered porch just south of single vending machine (there is a

       single exposed light bulb overhead)

  Deliver briefcase to Hatori-san (optional)                          300 SP


  The briefcase appears in a random location on the level.  Following are

  some of the locations where I have found the briefcase:

    1) By door to house north of trench near ninja dojo

    2) In dark alley north of the southeastern corner of town where you find

       a wind chime and an ammo box

    3) Near trash bags in corner of side alley south of Hatori-san’s shop


———–< Items >——————————————————–


Starting alley/East village


Note on wall                                                           20 SP

    Left/east wall as you enter level

Note on ninja guard                                                    20 SP

    On second body near your entry point

Note on wall (need decoder)                                            20 SP

    On left/south wall in entry alley near red sign

< Ammo box >                                         4 bolts, 4 poison bolts

    In brick-walled southeast corner of town near

    wind chime

<< Briefcase >>                                                        20 SP

    See objectives section above

North village


Note on wall (need decoder)                                            20 SP

    On west wall before red postbox near yellow paper lantern

< Ammo box >                                                    3 fire bolts

    Next to red postbox on north side of town

Note on door (Page 1 of UNITY field manual)                            20 SP

    To south, past red postbox

>> < Package >                                                  Code breaker

    Next to vending machines

Ninja dojo/West village


Note on tree (Page 2 of UNITY field manual)                            20 SP

    Behind tree to north of trench

< Item >                                                       1 Angry kitty

    Beneath ninja dojo; crouch in trench and crawl under dojo

< Accessory >                                                 Crossbow scope

    Inside bureau in ninja dojo

< Armor >                                                   Heavy body armor

    In back of dojo

Note in dojo                                                           20 SP

Note on door (Page 3 of UNITY field manual)                            20 SP

    In alcove around back/south side of ninja dojo

South village/Hatori-san’s shop


Note on door (need decoder)                                            20 SP

    Next to geisha sign near single vending machine

>> < Package >                                                  Code breaker

    Next to single vending machine

Note by door (Page 4 of UNITY field manual)                            20 SP

    In covered porch south of single vending machine

** Recovering four pages of the UNITY field manual **                 300 SP

Note by door (need decoder)                                            20 SP

    In alcove in side alley accessible through covered porch

< Item >                                                              1 coin

    On ground by trash bag near crane sign

** Contacting Hatori-san **                                           400 SP

    Open and close the mailboxes according to the decoded notes

** Delivering the briefcase to Hatori-san **                          300 SP

< Health >                                                     First aid kit

    In Hatori-san’s shop

Spy Training Manual                                                   200 SP

    On counter in Hatori-san’s shop

< Armor >                                                   Light body armor

    In corner of Hatori-san’s shop

Return to ninja dojo


** Discovering the new location for meeting **                        400 SP

Note by chimes (need decoder)                                          20 SP

    Outside of ninja dojo after talking to Hatori-san


                           Total skill points available this level:  1860 SP

                                                  Cumulative total:  2820 SP


———–< Extras >——————————————————-


Not really an “extra,” but you can shoot guards in the ninja dojo through 

the cracks in the floorboards if you’re crouching beneath them, and they 

can’t see or shoot you back.

Is there a reason why there’s such a large empty backroom in Hatori-san’s 


What do the Kanji symbols on the signs mean?

Walkthrough Video

Contract Jack

Contract Jack Single Player Walkthrough

Thanks to Tallaeus (George Henry) for creating the walkthrough

Chapter 1: The Proposition

The game begins with you being slapped awake from a drunken stupor to find
yourself tied to a chair and threatened by two thugs representing Louie Franco,
your chief competitor. Take this time to look around as much as you can.
Notice that the guy to your left is armed, the one to your right is not.
There is a box of ammo on the floor in front of you. After hearing Louie’s message
on the speakerphone, you break free of your bonds and the action begins.

Punch out the guy to your left and take his gun. Kill the other one and pick
up the ammo. Someone begins pounding on the door. Duck between the bed and
the wall near the closet for cover and sniping position. 2 thugs will enter.
Kill them and pick up their guns. Go out the door into the hall, and another
thug will enter from your right. Kill him and go into the bedroom to the left.
There is .45 ammo on the floor, and armor in the closet. Go back into the
hall. There are Band Aids in the bathroom if you need them. There is a .50
cal handgun on the table in the hall. Go to the far end of the hall and enter
the sitting room. No goodies here, but one or more thugs will enter the living
room to your right. Go thru the living room to a TV room, where more thugs
will enter from the hall. There is armor on the coffee table. You will then
encounter 1 or 2 more thugs in the hall.

Head down the stairs, where you will meet 2 more guys at the bottom. There is
a large green metal cabinet a la NOLF 2 with armor inside. There are Band Aids
in the bathroom off this room. Head around to the right of the metal cabinet
down the corridor, where you’ll find a flash-bang grenade on the shelves on
your left. 3 thugs will be waiting for you in the bar, and 3 more will enter
from the far end after you dispatch the first 3. There is a combat shotgun
behind the bar, and armor in the booth at the far end. Exit thru the door at
the far end, and you will enter a smaller bar where 3 bad guys await. There is
a first aid kit on the table as you first enter, and ammo (12 gauge and .50
cal) on the counter behind the bar. Head out the door at the far end. 4 guys
will be outside the door at the end of the hall. Toss the flash-bang and then
go toast the sitting ducks. There is nothing of interest outside. As you
re-enter, a phone will ring. Enter the coat room to your right. There is
armor hanging on the coat rack, and Band Aids on the counter. Answer the phone
to hear a proposition from Dimitri Volkov. When he finishes talking, the
previously locked door by the coatroom will open and 3 guys will be waiting for
you to kill.

At the end of that corridor is a storeroom with 2 thugs in it. There is armor
at the far end. A corridor to the left leads to another storeroom, and 2 guys
will appear in it. There is 12 gauge and .50 cal ammo here. 2 more guys will
confront you in the storeroom. At the far end you’ll enter a larger storeroom
where 2 more thugs await. There are 2 frag grenades on the shelf to your left,
and a first aid kit on a box behind the shelves to your right. The door at the
far end opens into an alley, where 2 guys will either enter or be waiting right

As you head down the alley, you will be sniped at from a window and a balcony
on your left. A total of 4 guys up there. There is armor behind the dumpster
under the sniper’s window, and also on a discarded couch beyond the balcony. 
More of Louie’s thugs will come from the alley to the right. After dealing
with them, proceed to the door at the end of the alley. Upon opening the door
and entering the corridor, you’ll hear a conversation about spark plugs. Turn
right and deal with 4 guys. There is nothing in the laundry room to your left,
but there is a first aid kit on the lower shelf in the room where the 4 guys
entered. Two more guys will enter. Kill them and then head down into the
garage where your final 2 victims in this chapter await. Pick up the note off
your windshield to end the chapter. 

Walkthrough Video