Some of you may have noticed that you're unable to play multiplayer Nolf 2 since Monday Nov 3rd 2008. Sierra has shutdown the master server for the game. Don't despair though cause we have a resilient community and we've come up with a workaround so you can continue to play NOLF2 multiplayer.

 If anyone is confused at all, here is some less technical guidance.
-You are going to download and install the mod.
-You are going to set your game to always start with that mod.
-You are going to be able to join the UnityHQ NOLF2 servers with a double-click of your mouse.

1. Download and install the LivesForever mod. Download it from here 
---- a. Create a folder C:\Program Files\Fox\No One Lives Forever 2\Custom\Mods\LivesForever (Spelling is important so name it exactly like this LivesForever
---- b. Extract the contents (using Winrar or other file extraction utility) of LivesForever.RAR download, when extracted you should have the LivesForever.rez file in the LiveForever folder.
---- c. Yes, you really do have to make that folder.
---- D. Download the NOLF2 Multiplayer Launcher from here

2. Start NOLF2 like you used to, and select the new mod.


----a. Instead of the "Play" button, hit "custom," which is right below it. 
---- b. Check the box next to the "LivesForever" Mod.
---- c. Start the game.
---- d. Close the game. Now that you have selected the mod, it will stay selected until you restart the game and deliberately unselect it.

Click HERE to visit the UnityHQ forum

Updated: June 23, 2017 = Eliteone